Feedback from our clients.

Workshop with the Srishti School of Design and Bal Utsav

“We are highly impressed with your innovative museum outreach programmes. If other museums also took a cue from you, they will be successfully closer to their targeted audience.” – Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Sulabh International Social Service Organization.

Alison Byrns – Srishti School of Design, Bangalore
Students from the Museum and Gallery Practices Program at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology worked with students from Bal Utsav to design educational materials. The theme for the course was “design for education,” and the non-traditional school was an ideal opportunity to re-think pedagogy, and consider the space in which it occurs as a major contributing factor in the methods for teaching. Bal Utsav students meet in parks and other open spaces, and do a great deal of kinetic learning and exploring. The Srishti students then had to observe these students’ preferences and learning styles and adapt their approach for these “client constraints.” The Srishti students worked on new types of lesson plans using thematic umbrellas regarding development of emotional intelligence, visiting civic spaces, and physics.

Ramesh Balasundaram – Founding Director, Bal Utsav
Rereeti was the facilitating organization between the Srishti students and Bal Utsav children. The outcome of this collaborative project has proved useful and benefited our kids. Tejshvi’s creative thinking, expertise and positive can-do attitude makes her an absolute pleasure to work with. She has built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with vision, diligence and someone who gets things done. I would love to work again with ReReeti in the near future. I like their approach and the way they achieve their outcomes.

Sujata Sen – Director, East India, British Council
British Council undertook a massive exercise of mapping museums in India. This Research is part of Re-Imagine Arts, a cultural program led by the British Council in partnership with key stakeholders in India and in the UK, including the UK art Council, UL Government Department of Culture, Media and Sports and UK Trade and Investment. Rereeti headed the South India research and documentation of museums. We were very happy with the punctuality and timely delivery of the report. Along with meeting our deadlines they also put in the extra effort and gathered more information.

Dinesh Kumble – Director, Krab Media Agency
Tejshvi was recommended to me by a colleague of mine for documentation and display of a corporate collection. The work involved creating a database of the entire collection, evaluating the condition of all the works and preparing a condition report, research on the artworks and preparing text for them and display of these works on a rotational bases. The client was very happy with the systematic documentation and thoughtful display of their collection. Very satisfied they have requested us to have her on board for all their future projects.


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