EVENT: MultipliCITY in Bangalore: World Heritage Day Public Discussion on April 24

To celebrate World Heritage Day (April 18), Rereeti in collaboration with British Council, Bangalore is pleased to host a public discussion titled ‘MultipliCITY: Diversity in Bangalore’s Heritage (Past, Present & Future). Date: April 24, 2015 | Time: 6:00 pm. To attend the event, RSVP: sadashiv.naik@britishcouncil.org. Phone: 97425 00181.

Multiplicity - Bangalore's Heritage

The significance of this discussion
Heritage is an essential part of the present we live in – and of the future we will build. World Heritage Day, celebrated on April 18 this year, offers an opportunity to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it.

The public discussion being organized by Rereeti and British Council, Bangalore aims to reframe the narrative around the city’s heritage to encompass not just archaeological and historical sites and monuments, but also urban sites and forms of creation, performance and distribution.

Re-Viewing Heritage
Heritage is the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects, and culture. Most important, it is the range of contemporary activities, meanings, and behaviors that we draw from them.

Heritage includes, but is much more than preserving, excavating, displaying, or restoring a collection of old things. It is both tangible and intangible, in the sense that ideas and memories–of songs, recipes, language, dances, and many other elements of who we are and how we identify ourselves – are as important as historical buildings and archaeological sites.

Heritage is, or should be, the subject of active public reflection, debate, and discussion. What is worth saving? What can we, or should we, forget? What memories can we enjoy, regret, or learn from? Who owns “The Past” and who is entitled to speak for past generations?

Heritage is a contemporary activity with far-reaching effects. It can be an element of far-sighted urban and regional planning. It can be the platform for political recognition, a medium for intercultural dialogue, a means of ethical reflection, and the potential basis for local economic development. It is simultaneously local and particular, global and shared.

List of panelists: 

Garima Jain is the moderator for this panel. She is a consultant at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements.


Anupama Prakash: Founder Director of Workbench Projects Pvt Ltd (WP) and Open Minds Education Initiative (OMEI) (Theme: TECHNOLOGY).

Harini Nagendra: Professor of Sustainability, School of Development, Azim Premji University (Theme: LEGACY)

Raj Narayan: Head – Business Projects at Trivone Digital Services (Theme: DIGITAL)

Salman Syed: Founder of Infinite Dreams (Theme: MUSIC)

Suma Tagadur: Senior programe officer at the institute FRLHT – Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (Theme: HEALTH).

About Rereeti: We are a not-for-profit organization based out of Bangalore, India. Our mission is “to transform Indian museums into spaces of learning, delight and meaningful engagement for Indian and overseas visitors.”


  • We want to provide innovative experiences at the museum for all visitors;
  • Set up an online platform for museum professionals to network, learn and share;
  • Conduct outreach programs for school students and visitors that leverage learning and exploration at local museums.

For further details about this event and how you could participate, please email Rereeti.


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